Live-In Carry-On

For my senior year degree project, I focused on my struggles with identifying with a stable home space. Over the past few years, my family and many friends have moved away from the town I grew up in. I found myself constantly moving around from city to city every summer, changing living spaces with each new location. I created a modular, portable home space based off of memories from old homes, that could easily be rolled or collapsed into objects that can be taken on the go. The set included two rugs that could be folded out into a sleeping mat, a foldable table, a plush dinosaur, and a pair of slippers (made in collaboration with YoonJin Bae (FURN '18.) All objects were hand woven or industrially knitted.

The Process

The Final Space: A Home Away from Home

The two rugs were woven out of various colors of tulle, using a wool warp. It came off the loom in a single piece, with individual flaps for snuggling under. The tulle ensured the rug was lightweight and could compact easily when rolled.

The collapsible table was woven on a 24-harness dobby loom using a combination of vinyl and monofilament yarns with a thermoplastic warp. A hinge system was woven to allow for a six-legged table to be unfolded. After the plexi supports were inserted, the woven material was heat-set to stabilize the structure.

The plush dinosaur, Frank, was constructed of industrially knitted fabrics, hand sewn together.

The patterns for the slippers were hand-woven on a 4-harness loom with tulle before being constructed. The pile weave allowed for a slipper that would hug the feet and prevent them from slipping off of small feet. These were made in collaboration with YoonJin Bae (FURN '18.)

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