A suspended kinetic modular sculpture made of steel wires and aluminum tubing to create crimped hinge systems. 


The Process

The process for creating the sculpture began with initial formfinding using various metal wires and tubing. I experimented with different materials and their flexibility, different ways of crimping the tubing, and different configurations to pressure-fit the wires into the tubing.

1. Initial formal study

2. Tests with different materials and structures

3. Various hinge structures

4. Each wire was straightened and cut by hand. To account for the accuracy of repetitively cutting and reproducing each hinge and piece of wire, I lasercut a simple jig. (Rhino file shown on left.)

5. Cutting each piece of wire to length with custom lasercut jig

6. Bundles of perfectly straightened + cut wires

7. Module assembling process

8. Again using Rhino, I sketched out possible configurations for the modules to help guide the assembling process.

The Result

The final result and assemblage of the sculpture reflected a cloud-like shape that could float within the space. The sculpture was made to create a barely-there presence that was both faint, but also forced interaction with its kinetic properties. It was made to be seen, bumped into, unseen, and continuously changing.

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