Acoustic Textiles Materials Research

This past summer, I had the opportunity to delve into design research on acoustic textile objects for interior use. I began by looking into building fire codes and regulations while also sourcing current acoustic textile options on the market and other innovative acoustic materials from international suppliers. I looked into how sound behaves in a space and how current material technologies address these acoustic issues. I used the compiled research and material inspiration to create woven and constructed textile forms, as shown above.

Building Regulation & Sound Behavior Research

A study on the formal fire-code requirements of interior textiles and sound behavior through spaces and building materials.

Initial Material & Formal Studies

Application and Use Case Scenarios

I came up with various application use cases for the textile prototype forms. I wanted the use case to allow for interaction and creative freedom, while also being a functional installation. I came up with a textile object that could be used in a child's playroom or classroom. It could be used to build acoustic spaces for reading and relaxing and could also be stored on the wall as a active acoustic surface.

Making & Final Prototype 

Using Format