Surface Design & Prints

A collection of various hand-made patterns and prints using collaging, stenciling, silkscreen, painting, and digital manipulation techniques.

Skin Deep

Skin Deep is a print collection that depicts the function of skin as packaging or "giftwrap" to both conceal and reveal the human body and human nature. It explores the nuances and subtleties of skin, from the delicate to the grotesque. 

All prints hand drawn using mixed media and digitally manipulated into repeats. Three are four-way repeats, two are engineered repeated prints. 


Hanging Out

A silkscreened pattern depicting the playfulness of hanging laundry out in public and the strange intersection between private and public space.


After Noon

A collaged floral pattern inspired by the negative shapes in between the stems of flowers sitting in a vase. 


Things I Saw Out A Moving Window

A collection of patterns using handmade stencils inspired by the movement of objects and scenery past a train window.



A pattern created by putting the 60” x 48” acrylic painting (first image) into repeat
digitally (second image). 

Created to describe the ubiquity and the mobility of the homeless, exacerbated by the placement of obstructions on park benches and other public spaces, preventing them from finding adequate resting places. 


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